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fully loaded stuff on all my blogs in my drafts as a result of stress photoshopping tonight but i am headed off to college (university) in the morning and i probably won’t come on here much for the next week :P

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"Feeling Inspired."

It's sad to about Bristan. But who is Cameron Monaghan is that her new boyfriend?

he co-starred in amityville with bella but i don’t know if they’re dating, sorry :/


so i just wanted to give y’all a heads up: i’m moving into college next wednesday and i know at that point, i’ll probably be a little mia from tumblr for a while (but idk how long, you guys can probs predict my behavior more than me now hahahaa) but yeah, i’m packing all this week so i don’t know how much i’ll be one as it’s my last week home

but yeah

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