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omg shoutout to blamejoys for following all 5 of my blogs that i run

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PSD06: please like if you’re going to download!

download here

could you please post the psd you used for your icon?

yeah! it’s one that i made and i’ll post a download on here later today :) (i had to do a bit of adjusting for the icon though, because there was an instagram filter on it)

so u used to run 21 bella blogs. k.

wow, you took the time to count lol.

no. most of my blogs had one of those urls at some point but once i’ve used it, i just keep it around i guess

plus, like i said, i’ve tried giving them away and people didn’t want them so why are you being rude about it?

why the fuck do you save URL's??? And why so many? Damn I feel bad for fans who want to make a tumblr but can't because you have 'em all.... what the fuck.... smh.

wow people from sweden are so nice…. 

and i saved them because i used to run very many blogs but as i have not been very active recently and have stopped most of my blogs i’m giving these urls away

and this is not the first time i’ve done a giveaway, so the ones left are ones people didn’t want previously.