Anonymous: so u used to run 21 bella blogs. k.

wow, you took the time to count lol.

no. most of my blogs had one of those urls at some point but once i’ve used it, i just keep it around i guess

plus, like i said, i’ve tried giving them away and people didn’t want them so why are you being rude about it?

Anonymous: why the fuck do you save URL's??? And why so many? Damn I feel bad for fans who want to make a tumblr but can't because you have 'em all.... what the fuck.... smh.

wow people from sweden are so nice…. 

and i saved them because i used to run very many blogs but as i have not been very active recently and have stopped most of my blogs i’m giving these urls away

and this is not the first time i’ve done a giveaway, so the ones left are ones people didn’t want previously.

also like this post if you want me to post a psd i made about a month ago :)

url giveaway!

any urls on here ( is up for grabs EXCEPT the ones with asterisks.  but the catch is that i have them on different accounts and if i can’t find the url, then i guess i can’t give it away

if you want any of them, message me and i’ll see what i can do! first come, first serve!

Anonymous: hi

hello :) 

Anonymous: What happened to your twitter acc?

I’ve been thinking about deleting it for so long so I deleted it because I never use it and all I do is lose lots and lots of followers everyday…it was getting awkward so there wasn’t a point, haha.

And it’s not like I use my fan blogs anymore (I come on here for my personal blog) so I’m just trying to figure out what to do with them now. To be honest, I haven’t been into fandoms for over a year now and I tried to keep my blogs up over the last year but it’s super hard when you aren’t into it.

Oh, and it’s pretty awkward to have a twitter dedicated to a celebrity when you don’t engage on fandoms at all anymore. 

I’m not sure if that answer posted since the internet here is really slow but to that anon: I’ll be back home by Monday if you need a better answer!

Anonymous: how did you make the itunes music gif edits? the ones with scenes from the 'call it whatever' music video? i've been trying to find out how to do it since forever and i don't know how.

I took screenshots with the song playing and then selected the area with the cover artwork and cut it out. I then used that photo and dragged it onto the canvas with the gif on it and used it as a border! (I had to change the canvas size first)

If you need more details or this doesn’t make sense message me again! I’m on vacation out of the country so it’ll be easier to answer once I get home and have my laptop :)

Anonymous: Does Bella Thorne have her driver license?

I don’t think so

Anonymous: Do you know where Bella usually shops? Like Urban or AA?

No, I don’t :/ I’m sure she has clothes from those places though. Anyone know the answer to this?